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We strive to improve the quality of life for patients recovering from vitrectomy operations.  These are some of our valued customers who felt that our products and services helped them through their recoveries.  We hope that by seeing others' experiences patients will feel more comfortable and supported through their own recoveries.  Original copies are available upon request.

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July, 2017




My Doctor told me my recovery would take three weeks. I decided to purchase the Deluxe Body cushion and rent the seated support. The cushion is so comfortable, even after my full recovery in a record one and a half weeks, I still use the cushion. After the first week of recovery my Doctor told me I was almost done. The speedy recovery was only because of the excellent equipment I used. I called in to cancel my rental early and the return was taken care of. I am so happy with and their products.



Laura M.


August, 2017




I had my surgery in Hawaii and called your company only two days before the surgery. I spoke with Ben and he handled my situation right away. The facedown was rushed to me and I got it two days later. The seated support came in normal shipping later that week. I spoke with Ben a few more times over the week to ask a few questions about maximizing my comfort. He was so knowledgeable and kind. He made everything so simple and easy. I hope I won't need to use vitrectomy equipment again, but if I do I will come back to this company.



Mary D.

 January, 2018


     Just to let you know that I am pleased with the Face down system I rented from you. It worked very well - especially the tray that fit under the mattress.


     Thank you for getting it to me so promptly - I ordered it Thursday everning around 6:00PM and when I got up at 11:00 Friday it had already arrived. I was so surprised.


Again thank you for the very good service.
Sandra L.

January, 2018


     Thank you so much for taking all my calls, answering my questions, etc. Your kindness was very much appreciated.


     I purchased the Deluxe Cushion System for my "face down" post-operation position.


     It is well designed, extremely comfortable, affordable, and according to my retinal surgeon, was "attributable to my excellent recuperation and successful surgery". In my case, it was a 14-day duration.


     I highly recommend this company and Deluxe Cushion System for anyone having to recuperate in a face-down position. The purchase of this system was much cheaper than renting vitrectomy equipment. It didn't shift or separate when using it.


     The comfort was much better than I thought it would be. The low shipping rate was an added bonus. This company delivered it in a timely manner, as promised. Thanks for the excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

Linda C.
South Bend, Indiana

March, 2018


     My husband's recovery period after his surgery to repair a macular hole was greatly aided by your products. The seated support system, with the mirror, made the long periods of facedown posture almost enjoyable. Well, at least tolerable. He was able to watch television and write comfortably. We also purchased the support system for sleeping in the facedown positin. This system made a tremendous difference in the challenge of staying in that position for the night.


     You listened patiently to our predicament and were so very helpful in determining how to help us. We are very grateful for the service you provide, and for your kind manner.

Anne T.

April, 2018


   My doctor told me I would have to stay face down for three weeks. I called to help me decide wether I should purchase or rent the equipment.  I spoke with Ben and he was so kind and knowledgeable. I opted to purchase the Facedown and rent the seated support for one week. He explained how to use all the equipment. He told me he would ship the equipment that very day. The next day when I came home from work the equipment was waiting for me. I had a full and easy recovery. Thank you! And thank you Ben!


Fred T.

Boulder, CO

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