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Useful Configurations of the Facedown Support


Patients recovering from vitrectomy operations will have one to three weeks of time during which they will need to keep their faces down.  In order to prevent boredom and increase comfort during this period, our Facedown Support product can be configured to perform many different daytime and nighttime activities that will make recovery go smoothly with less frustration.

Off the Bed (Nighttime)


When you feel like laying down on your bed, you can

  • Place the Facedown Support in between the box springs and the mattress at the end of your bed.

  • If you have a footboard at the end of the bed, or if sliding the mechanism in between the boxsprings and the mattress, use the Facedown Support at the top of the bed.

  • You may also place the 2-Way Mirror on top of the arm rest shelf to watch television in your bedroom (Simply place the 2-Way Mirror on top of the arm rest shelf and angle it towards your television)

On the Bed (Nighttime)


This configuration provides a great alternative when sleeping with the Facedown Support off the bed is not possible.

  • Place a few pillows to your sides and torsoto nap comfortably without worrying about rolling over

  • Alternatively, use the Basic Cushion or the Deluxe Cushion for sleeping


On the Table (Daytime)


In addition to the aformentioned configurations, there are multiple attachments that are compatible with the seated support that will make recovery more comfortable for different patients.


Patients with Wheelchair Needs


All of the aformentioned configurations can also be used for wheelchair patients.  Such a patient should simply remain in his or her chair and roll it up next to a table, desk or other surface he or she desires to sit at.  Accessories can also be used as normal.

Additional Accessories


The 2-way mirror is a great way to increase your line of sight; watch TV, see the faces of those around you, and more without having to reposition yourself


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