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Useful Configurations of the Seated Support


Patients recovering from vitrectomy operations will have one to three weeks of time during which they will need to keep their faces down.  In order to prevent boredom and increase comfort during this period, our Seated Support system can be configured to perform many different daytime and nighttime activities that will make recovery as smooth as possible.

Removable Knee Pads


In case you have limited knee mobility, a knee injury, arthritis, or simply want the option of stretching your legs while seated, the Seated Support comes with removable knee pads.


To remove the knee pads, simply press the locking button in and slide the knee pads toward the depressed locking button until they come off.

Reattach the knee pads by looping the large part of the notch over the post on the frame of the chair, using the underside of the knee pad to depress the locking button.  Simply slide the post into the narrower part of the notch and the locking button will pop up.  Watch your fingers to avoid any pinching!

Download the Seated Support Instruction Here

Additional Accessories


In addition to the aforementioned configurations, there are multiple attachments that are compatible with the seated support that will make recovery more comfortable for different patients.


  • The Zenvi Face Cushion is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and MP3 players, allowing you to listen to music of your choosing with great sound quality and long battery life (Limited quantity available!)

  • The Sternum Pad for Women provides an alternatively designed chest pad that concentrates pressure away from a woman's breasts

  • The 2-way mirror is a great way to increase your line of sight; watch TV, see the faces of those around you, and more without having to reposition yourself

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