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Rental Packages

These packages address the different stages of a recovery patient's day and ensure that all standard activities remain compliant with doctors' instructions, while bringing patients even more value without the commitment of buying products that may have diminished use after recovery.  Please take a look at them and decide which one best suits the needs of you or your loved one!


NOTE:  Round Trip Ground Shipping is Included in the Rental Price. Equipment will be Delivered to you and Picked Up by UPS or FedEx. Additional costs apply for Express, Air and Overnight delivery methods.  Learn more about Shipping and Delivery.

We have put together special packages here to make sure every aspect of a patient's day is provided for.  We understand that recovering patients have limitations, and we strive to enable them as much comfort and freedom to carry on with as high a daily standard as possible during the few weeks taken by recovery.


By renting one of our recovery packages, you get a premade selection of helpful products, which you can rent week by week for as long as you need them!  We simplify the rental shipping and return process as much as possible, in order to ensure the smoothest experience for you.

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