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Our Products

Note: Due to sanitary concerns, we cannot restock used products, and therefore we only offer refund for unopened and unused product purchases.

Recovery Products for Purchase

We have put together special packages here to make sure every aspect of a patient's day is provided for.  We understand that recovering patients have limitations, and we strive to enable them as much comfort and freedom to carry on with as high a daily standard as possible during the few weeks taken by recovery.


We offer a range of extremely well designed products to help patients during the recovery period after a vitrectomy procedure.  We've taken the extra effort to ensure that we offer no inferior products so you don't have to learn the hard way.


By purchasing vitrectomy support products, you can remove weekly rental costs and the hassle of returning the products when your recovery is over.  Furthermore, in case of another operation, or if you simply enjoy the ergonomic comfort of the products, you will have them available for future use!


We have a selection of smaller items that work well alongside our larger vitrectomy recovery products.  From professionally contoured, high quality cushions to hot and cold packs to assist the body's immune response during the healing process, we offer you the best products available to increase your comfort, diminish your pains, and speed up your recovery!

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