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Facedown Support System

Facedown Support System

-Off The Bed-
(For Nighttime)
The best and most comfortable way to sleep after a vitrectomy surgery; applying the Face Down Support is fast and simple. With no assembly required, it is easy to slide the Face Down Support in between the box springs and the mattress. With a few quick and snappy adjustments, you will be able to set-up the Face Down Support in just a few minutes.

You may also be able to place the 2-Way Mirror on top of the arm rest shelf to watch television in your bedroom. To do so, simply place the 2-Way Mirror on top of the arm rest shelf and angle it towards your television

-On The Bed-
(For Nighttime)
Great solution for sleeping requirements. The optimal way to sleep if the Facedown Support off the bed positioning is not possible. By placing a few pillows to your sides and torso, you will be able to take a comfortable nap without worrying about rolling over. We also suggest the Basic Cushion or the Deluxe Cushion for sleeping.

-On The Table-
(For Daytime)
The Facedown Support can be used on top of a table or a desk, as well. This is a great way to sit down with the family while still facing down. This can also be used for reading, writing, eating, socializing, watching television, playing cards and board games, and much more. To use the Facedown Support on the table or desk, simply place the equipment on top of the surface, lean towards the chest pad, and place your head on the face cushion.

  • Details

    Sales Package Includes
    -Carrying Case-
    -Cotton Face Cover-
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