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facedown recovery retina detachment face down rental

We know you have questions.  We have been serving the community for over twenty years, and we know exactly what you're going through.  Allow us to help in any way that we can!

About Us


At, we are committed to compassion and understanding.  We have decades of experience and are connected with many doctors in the field, who help us improve our services. We stop at nothing to make sure your post-operative recovery experience goes as smoothly as possible, and we want you to be provided for.



We offer a range of extremely well-designed products to help patients during the recovery period after a Vitrectomy, Retinal Detachment or Macular Hole procedure.  We've taken the extra effort to ensure that we offer no inferior products so you don't have to learn the hard way.


By purchasing vitrectomy support products, you can remove weekly rental costs and the hassle of returning the products when your recovery is over.​​



“You have truly been 'Sight Savers.' Without the equipment, I couldn't have done this."

-Teri Pitts


“What a great transition support for those who need it. The purchase price was less than a week's rental. Use your own chair and benefit from these components.."

-Amy Sulivan

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